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    Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Mira i Dobra"

    Ukrainian Charitable Foundation ” Mira i Dobra” was organized in 2014. At that time when Ukraine has needed a help as never before.

    Every staff has experience in various areas: law, economics, marketing, Military Science, banking,
    hospitality. Everyone of us tries to help other. The Fund has several activities:
    Help to millitary who protect our country at the hottest points of Ukraine (in the area ATO);
    – Assistance to the wounded (in ATO) and affected civilians;
    – Assistance for families displaced and children affected by the action ATO;
    – Teaching teenagers from low-income families, and children who are graduating in orphanages
    We try to do not only helping and also to help to those people, who need it the most. We very carefully select organizations for cooperation. We can’t help to everyone either physically of financially that’s why we have criterias for selection of people and organizations that we help and cooperate.

    Also the important thing is something what we do it is not just ” to feed” people, we also try to teach themselves “to fish”. It means to get the chance of becoming, to become realized persons, give special education that is needed in today’s society, also allow the younger generation find the work . So, we do not only help, we also invest in the future of the country.
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