Drinking water for southern Ukraine

Charity Fund "Peace and Goodness", together with "BF "Volunteer movement» and  BF "Good gang initiate the project "Drinking water for southern Ukraine", the purpose of which is to collect funds for the purchase of water storage containers, delivery and provision of drinking water for the cities and towns of Ukraine, which, due to military aggression, are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, namely a shortage of drinking water for the civilian population. Due to constant shelling by the enemy, in in many settlements, water pipes and water supply systems have been damaged, which are currently impossible to repair due to active hostilities. Since water is a vital resource for every human being, there is a great need to provide drinking water to civilians who remain in the hot spots of our country. The first batch of aid is planned to be delivered 20 tons of water to the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.
The cost of 8,000 bottles of 5 liters -  UAH 80,000
The cost of water for 20 tons of water - UAH 60,000
The cost of logistics - UAH 40,000
The total cost of the project is UAH 180,000.
We invite everyone to join this project.
We need:
– Financial support for the transportation of drinking water.
– Containers for storing drinking water.
We urge you not to be indifferent to those who find themselves in a difficult situation!


Donate link here: https://send.monobank.ua/jar/7w1kP1Bif9