Fundraising for the program "SPORTY YOUTH - THE NEW GENERATION OF UKRAINE"

The All-Ukrainian Charity Fund "PEACE AND GOODNESS", with the support of the International Diplomatic Mission of the Interstate Project "Ukraine-Poland", and together with the volunteer organization "Banda Dobra" is starting a very important nationwide project 🇺🇦 "Sports youth - the new generation of Ukraine".
🙌Our goal is to make sports accessible to every child!

Today, we are helping to create the very sports foundation of the future of Ukraine and we are trying to help, first of all, children from low-income families and orphanages, and to make sure that each of them can play sports.

At the first stage, we want to do free training 🤼🏋🏻🏊‍♀️ and provide children with everything they need (sports uniform, shoes, equipment, etc.) for sports. We will provide these children with the opportunity to engage in various martial arts, as well as motor sports, golf, equestrian sports, dance, tennis and other sports.

We will help them and pay for their trips to competitions. After all, how many champions could not become them due to an elementary situation - their parents did not have the funds to pay for a trip to another city or country for the relevant sports competitions. We will encourage these children to go for victory 🥇🏆. We will find low-income talented children in all districts of Kyiv (and in other cities) and direct them to a healthy lifestyle - playing sports. They will become champions 🏆 instead of just wandering the streets where they can fall under bad influences. After all, it is sport that hardens, strengthens willpower, and inculcates a sense of responsibility and discipline in a person.

🙌You can become a part of this large nationwide project with us and help us realize this goal.