A Christmas Miracle for every child

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, every Ukrainian expects a real miracle - the end of the war. And every child dreams of a Christmas present.
But unfortunately, due to the difficult situation in the country, the holiday for many children is something that seems unattainable.
Our team believes that every child deserves a Christmas Miracle, so we invite everyone to join good deeds and become St. Nicholas for children!
Making a gift is much easier than it seems!

The purpose of the project
Prepare individual gift sets for children living in social institutions and make their dreams come true on Christmas Eve.

What is needed?
To date, we have been approached by 5 institutions in which more than 40 children live. Each pupil wrote a letter in which he told what gift he wanted to receive.
In addition to the wishes of the little one, we plan to supplement the gift with basic and necessary things, such as:
- Personal hygiene products (toothpaste and brush, shower gel)
– Winter accessories (warm gloves, socks, scarf or hat)
- Stationery (Drawing album, pencils, felt-tip pens, coloring pages, books)
- A toy (car, doll, puzzle, ball, constructor)
- If the gift is for a girl, then you can also put accessories ( hairpins, rings, earrings, hoop)
Sweets (These can be: jellies, lollipops, chocolate or wafer candies or just a New Year's set of candies. But it is important that the candies have the specified expiration date)

How can I help?

You can provide something from the list above, or create a ready-made gift for a child, things are possible give us:
– by Nova Poshta (+38-066-848-80-88 Recipient Peace of Good Charity Fund, Kyiv, branch #173)
- or if you live in Kyiv, hand them over personally to our volunteers. You can also contribute financially and make a charitable contribution to the monobank.

🎯Goal: 45,000.00 ₴


Let's make a real holiday for the little ones together, because there are no other people's children!
Thank you!