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Source: mind.ua About the work of the Foundation, blocked warehouses and other aspects of volunteer life "From the warehouse and immediately to Bakhmut", says

31 03 2023

Source: glavred.net Volunteers of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Peace and Goodness", who have been actively helping the Ukrainian military since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine

17 03 2023

Source: ord-ua.com Currently, Ukraine is experiencing the greatest threat to its existence for all the years of Independence - a war with its eastern neighbor, Russia.

16 03 2023

Source: comments.ua Benefactors admit that they are forced to spend all their strength and means on the fight against raiders. It's been more than six months in Kyiv

15 03 2023

Source: prm.ua Ukraine is a country of volunteers. Until 2014, few people thought about it. Collect funds for humanitarian or social causes

30 01 2023

Bakhmut. The last days of January. Our team, together with partners Charitable Foundation "Format 20" and BANDA DOBRA brought and provided assistance

27 01 2023

Another large-scale shipment of baby food to the treasury of good deeds!🫰 Today, a team of our volunteers loaded and sent more than 1500 kg

24 01 2023

We do not stop and continue to bring light and warmth to Ukraine! 🇺🇦 As part of the "Warm a child" project, a team of volunteers from our foundation, together

23 01 2023

Today, together with partners Juvenile Police of Ukraine, Nova Poshta Humanitarian and All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers, we sent more than 300 kg