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26 12 2022

Last week was full of genuine children's smiles, laughter and joy from gifts and celebrating Christmas for many children living

25 12 2022

On the beautiful holiday of Christmas, when the whole world is waiting for a miracle, when people rush to their relatives, because love is the most important thing

25 12 2022

Today we were invited to Kyiv FM radio as part of the "Third Sector" program. 🎙️ During the live broadcast, we talked about volunteering

09 12 2022

Hello everyone. I want to meet you today. My name is Maryna Dolinovska. I am the manager of social relations at the VBF "Miru

08 12 2022

We continue collecting funds for generators and heaters as part of the "Warm a child" project. It is cold outside, and due to constant shelling

06 12 2022

We sincerely congratulate our defenders on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine! You are one of our best and strongest representatives

05 12 2022

The volunteer movement in Ukraine is a powerful force that has grown to incredible proportions over the past year. It is the volunteers, starting with the first ones

04 12 2022

Recently, our team attended a meeting with volunteer philanthropists in Vyshhorod. They had a productive conversation with the head of KOVA Kuleba Oleksiy, deputy heads

03 12 2022

We need your support! Special thanks for the repost. The first days of winter have come, and due to the difficult situation with electricity supply, a great need has arisen