Volunteer check

Due to the great interest in aid and charity, we introduce additional security measures to protect our partners and the fund as a whole from possible unscrupulous persons.

In this time of uncertainty and difficulty, we try to be as open and transparent as possible, but unfortunately there are those who can use the good intentions of charitable foundations for their own personal gain.

We call all our donors, friends and partners to be especially careful and check the information they receive from persons trying to present themselves as volunteers of our foundation. It is extremely important for us to maintain trust and to ensure that the help provided is really directed to where it is most needed.

From now on you can easily check the volunteer using the QR code, placed on his volunteer card (valid for cards issued in 2024). To check, scan the QR code using the mobile application and check whether this person is really a volunteer of our foundation.

The volunteer certificate must contain the following identification data:

     1. Full name of the volunteer
     2. photo of the volunteer
     3. date of birth
     4. validity period of the certificate
     5. ID number

All certificates issued before 2024 can be checked by contacting us by e-mail info@miraidobra.com or by phone +38-066-848-80-88.

We also draw your attention to the fact that volunteers of the foundation do not have the authority to accept any assistance without written authorization. Please make sure that assistance is provided only after prior agreement with the fund, formalized by appropriate documents (assignments, deeds, contracts, etc.) and certified by the fund's seal.

We do everything we can to ensure the security and privacy of our partners and donors. Thank you for your understanding and loyalty to our common goals. Together we will be able to overcome any difficulties and troubles. "

Front view of defocused female volunteer giving thumbs up