How volunteering changes the world

Volunteering opens up the opportunity to participate in various activities, plan and do good deeds. Being a volunteer is honorable, it is a socially approved practice, and also a person who necessarily writes about it in his resume or other documents has more chances to achieve his goal. The desire to help people for free is natural. Mutual care contributes to survival, despite wars, natural disasters or epidemics. Only he who goes beyond his personality and finds meaning beyond the bottom lives a full life. Devoting ourselves to something greater than what we are, we become happier, fill existence with new experiences, discover new things, grow as individuals.

Desire to do good

An opportunity to change something in this world

Improve people's quality of life

Together to victory

For more than 10 years, we have been uniting caring hearts and providing help exactly where it is most needed.
Since the beginning of the conflict in 2014, we have been working on providing critical problems for the civilian population, which suffered as a result of the armed invasion of the territory of independent Ukraine.
People of various specializations and abilities are involved in the assistance: they sort and deliver food packages, help with the evacuation and resettlement of displaced persons, provide psychological and medical assistance, and advise on legal issues.
People of various professions and experience have created a powerful network of the "Peace and Goodness" volunteer movement. After all, the main thing is desire, faith and fortitude!

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