We are together power, together to victory

with Ukraine in my heart

who we are

Our Foundation gathered like-minded people with the goal of helping others. Each of us has experience in various fields: jurisprudence, economics, marketing, military affairs, banking, hotel business, etc. The purpose of creating the Foundation was several areas of activity: education of teenagers from low-income and large families, as well as children graduating from orphanages, assistance to orphans from orphanages, development of sports in Ukraine. Since 2014, after the invasion of the Russian military on the territory of independent Ukraine, there has been a need for additional directions: assistance to wounded and injured civilians, assistance to displaced families and children, organization of car repair work for the ATO, assistance in providing them with fuel and lubricants We try to provide targeted help to those who need it most. Our Foundation very carefully selects the organizations with which it cooperates. Precisely because it is simply not possible to provide physical and material assistance to everyone who needs it, we have certain criteria for selecting people and organizations to whom we provide support.

Our activity in numbers

Over the entire period of the foundation's activity, many people and organizations joined us, thanks to which we were able to implement many charitable projects.



People received help


People were evacuated from hot spots



Food products


Charity projects have been implemented

Our news

Charity projects in which we invest and support. Join in too.

Project "Rebuilding Ukraine for Peace and Goodness"

Help All-Ukrainian Charity Fund "Peace and Good" launched the initiative "Rebuilding Ukraine for Peace and Good"

3% 24000000 UAH

Cottage town for immigrants "Miru i Dobra

Because of the war in Ukraine, many people have lost their homes and are now in a difficult situation,

12% 375613056 hryvnias

A Christmas Miracle for every child

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, every Ukrainian expects a real miracle - the end of the war. And every child dreams

100% UAH 45,000

You can help

Helping others is much easier than it seems. If there is a desire, there will certainly be an opportunity. Our foundation has many areas where your talents and capabilities will be useful. This is how you contribute to Peace and Goodness in this world!


Everything necessary for children

Household goods




They trust us

Our activity is transparent

All funds received by our foundation are directed to charity and support of those in need. Financial reports are transparent, and you can follow implemented projects and assistance provided in the "Our News" section

We work according to the call of the heart

Our team consists of people who work in different fields and who are united by the common goal of helping those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

We report on all events

Each event is a separate story, which we try to illuminate as much as possible on our resources. These are photos and video reports, individual posts and stories in social networks, videos on our YouTube channel.

We are open to cooperation

Get involved in good deeds! We are always happy to meet new people and ideas, to cooperate with other organizations. Together we can do truly incredible things.

You want

If you have the opportunity to help - choose the method that will be the most convenient and comfortable for you. Your support is a help to real people and a chance to change their lives for the better.

you yourself need help

If you need help, fill out a special form and describe your situation. We will try together to promptly resolve your issue and provide the necessary support.